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Large or Small We Groom Them All!

Do you need an affordable pet groomer, or one who will work around your busy schedule? Are you looking for someone who will not just groom your pet, but love them, too?

At Jeanie's Pet Grooming, we are experienced groomers who care for your pets like they are our own family. We love animals, and we have many years' experience in working with them and caring for them. Where other groomers see animals as their job, we see them as our special clients. We know how important they are to you, and we value the fact that you entrust them to us and to our care. 

Your time is valuable to us. Instead of insisting that your animal be available all day, we let you schedule an appointment. This can be anytime that is convenient for you, as long as we are open. Simply drop your pet off at the designated time, then take a few hours for yourself. Know that you will have the opportunity to take a load off or get something done, and we will give you a call when the pet grooming is done. You can pick your animal up when it is convenient for you, as long as they get to go home with you at the end of the day!

Full Service

We are a full-service groomer who works with all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats. No matter what your animal needs, we can provide it. Big or small, short-haired or long, relaxed or finicky, we will help your pet get the grooming care they need and feel comfortable while they are getting it.

We take the time to get to know the animals we work with. Over time, the relationship becomes less about dog grooming or cat cleaning, and more about taking care of an old friend. We will get to know your pet's preferences, so you can leave them with us, secure in the knowledge that we will do our very best to make the grooming process as easy and straightforward as possible. They are your treasured companions and will treat them as such. 


We pride ourselves on being an affordable cat and dog groomer. Our prices range from $26.00 to $42.00, and the amount you pay is based only on the size of your animal. Because we know that bathing animals can be a difficult, frustrating, and filthy job, our prices are not based on how dirty your pet has gotten since their last bath. No matter how awful the mess, we will clean it so you don't have to. We do not charge extra for extra dirt! 

Our services are comprehensive, without adding extra costs for you. Some pet groomers only offer a haircut or charge piecemeal for their services, but every visit to Jeanie's includes a bath, blow dry, haircut, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. These are all important parts of having a happy pet, and we want to make sure that we take care of your pet just like we would our own! 


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If you are looking for a cat and dog groomer who will treat you and your pet like family, you can call us today. We will help answer your questions or schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you soon.


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